I am an actress and have been working in TV/Film for several years. 

I am a mother.

I love dogs and elephants.

My favorite city in the US is New Orleans, LA. 

I am a Seattle native but have lived in Dallas for more than a decade.

I'm an avid reader and prefer books on the human condition, the brain and emotional life. 

I am passionate about serving others in our industry. I started Booked It because I wish that something like this had been available to me both when I was starting out and well.. now. I genuinely want to help others in putting their best foot forward so that they can book the job of their ((current)) dreams. That's what I want for myself and for you. I also wanted to offer all the resources and knowledge that I have picked up along my journey with others. We are all chasing a moving target. No one has this thing totally figured out but if we share our resources we may be able to crack the code together.